“BarcelonaTechnoSound is a techno /hardtechno platform that is dedicated to give you info about events, reports, interviews, news and much much more, with the ultimate aim of keeping the scene alive in Barcelona and Europe.We mainly support work by artists,  promoters and bookings of underground trend.”

Barcelona is currently going through a time of change in terms of its techno scene.

We are living in a period of growth, where underground techno styles are beginning to emerge.

First of all, at the local level, many artists in Barcelona are producing an array of quality techno with a strong identity.

It is especially relevant that promoters are organizing events, parties, after parties and festivals in alternative venues and clubs centred around sub-genres in which a few years ago Barcelona was not a principal player.

Some of this sub-genres are industrial, dark, dub, ambient and hardgroove among others.

Furthermore, Barcelona is home to a wealth of Top hardtechno Djs and producers who need more support to showcase their music. Few years ago, the genre suffered a decline in terms of events production.

That’s why we think it’s necessary to gather and distribute information through different channels that are available to us, including but not limited to social media networks.

In addition, as another element to strengthen the underground scene, we offer a service called “Party Plans” focused on making a plan to help visitors who are looking for an authentic techno night in Barcelona.

Through our plans, we offer to tourists the opportunity to know the essence of Barcelona’s electronic music scene and living a full and special experience.

Music is our mission, information based on quality content is our goal,

“Because we are Techno”



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