Techno Events that we recommend you from Barcelona Techno Sound all around Europe.

First of all, we are supporting underground techno and hardtechno genre, as well as quality music and the most pure sounds.

Taking in account we promote underground music, here you will find techno events that are held in small clubs, big clubs, outdoor and at alternative places.

Most events are organized by record labels, Djs´ bookings or specific promoter groups.

Furthermore, you also will find massive festivals that within their concept, keep an underground essence.

Techno events in Europe-Upcoming dates:

Techno events - Kindcrime x A Night Called Techno
Kindcrime x A Night Called Techno Nov 16 @ Barcelona (Spain)
Techno events - Grounded Theory 38
Grounded Theory 38 @ Berlin (Germany)
Techno events - Planet Rose Nov 17
Planet Rose / Nov 17 @ Nijmegen (The Netherlands)
Techno events - Concrete Nov 17Concrete / Nov 17 @ Paris (France)
Techno events - The Gods Planet Label Night
ESCH x TGP / Nov 17 @ Berlin (Germany)
Techno events - On The 5th Day Nov. 18
On The 5th Day Nov. 18 @ London (UK)
Techno events - Moog Nov 19Osclighter New EP promotion @ Barcelona (Spain)
Techno events - Schranzkommando Nov. 24Schranzkommando Xeriox B-day @ Basel (Switzerland) 
Techno events - Herfstdrift Festival 2017Herfstdrift Festival 2017 @ Nijmegen (The Netherlands) 
Techno events - Basis Dec 8Basis Dec 8th @ Utrecht (The Netherlands) 

Techno events - DOHT & DCRYPTEDDOHT & DCRYPTED presents @ Freiburg (Germany) 

Techno events - A Night Called Techno meets OVERtoneA Night Called Techno & OVERtone present Truncate Dec 14th @ Barcelona (Spain)

Techno events - Synoid Dec 15thSynoid Dec 15th @ Berlin (Germany)

Techno events - Structure X ClergyStructure X Clergy @ London (UK)

Techno events - Basis Dec 16Basis Dec 16th @ Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Techno events - Insert Special 10hsInsert Special 10hs @ Barcelona (Spain)

Techno events - Tresor.KlubnachtTresor.Klubnacht Dec 28th @ Berlin (Germany)

Techno events - Kindcrime x ANCTKindcrime x ANCT present @ Barcelona (Spain)
Techno events - Der Weise Hase X-masDer Weise Hase Hard X-MAS @ Berlin (Germany)

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