Nobody - I try to express myself in every track

Nøbody is the alter ego of Patrik Georgiev, who is currently the most active hardtechno artist in the Bulgarian scene.

The first hardtechno track by Nøbody, “Illusionisto”, was released in 2010 on Gamma-Core Records, in a compilation called “Made in Bulgaria”.

In addition to his particular exquisite technique, a fundamental characteristic of Nøbody´s style is that it is always fun and transmits energy full of power.

He has offered his performance in countries such as Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Belgium, Portugal and Colombia. He also has many releases on labels like Animasola, Friendly Fire, Cannibal Society, Event Horizont, Overload and Criminal Music, among others.

It´s especially relevant that in 2014 the Bulgarian artist created his own record label, Antistar Records, “for all kinds of techno experiments”.

Currently, Patrik Georgiev is responsible for the Bulgarian techno organization Overload and is part of The Young Blood booking agency.


1)BTS: Nøbody is an artist with a unique personality. How did you create this personality?

N: I didn’t create this personality for a reason; it’s just myself, trying to do regular things in a different way. But the reason my name is “Nobody” is different, a bit sarcastic.

As every youngster, when I started to get more into music, I had big dreams about big posters with big names and I thought that it would be funny and confusing to have a nobody on those posters.


2)BTS: Among jokes, parody, fun and cheerfulness; what role does love play in your music?

N: There is a phrase: art never comes from happiness. The feeling of love plays a big part in my inspiration, sometimes for the better.


3)BTS: And, which is the most serious part of your music?

N: The thing that inspires me the most is usually a deadline. But actually I still don’t know what affects me the most.

It usually depends on the feeling I have at the moment when I´m creating, what I believe can be felt in my music. I try to express myself in every track, in a way you could feel whether I was happy, sad, or angry. Inspiration can come from everywhere without asking.


4)BTS: Why is there an image of a TV on the cover of your website and on “Second Hand Schranz”?

N: Television is a bad thing. Some people in my country associate techno music with a washing machine. But television is actually a brain washing machine, I have never liked it but in a way it amazes me.

So, in my imagination the people next to a TV and the party people next to the speakers are results of this brain washing.


5)BTS: What do you enjoy most about your job at Overload?

N: Making our small crowd happy, doing the thing we love.


6)BTS: What is the funniest situation that has happened to you during a performance?

N: Once I tripped over the cables during a performance, making them go out and the music was cut off. But the funny adventure is usually before the performance.

Every time I travel it is a total disaster getting worse and worse.

For example, in January in Slovenia I was with Jan Sofierce and some friends travelling to a venue and the tyre just went flat in the middle of the road and, of course, we had no spare tyre to change it.

We stayed there for a few hours till we found a solution.

In May I was traveling to Colombia with a stop-over in the United States without a visa. Who would have thought you need a visa for a stop-over? Actually, I needed one.

At first they wanted to make me go back where I came from.

Later they let me continue my journey with the promise that I would never come back without a visa, otherwise I should have to pay a lot of money.

But my return ticket was also through the USA, so they didn´t let me get on the plane and I had to buy another ticket directly from Bogotá to Madrid, then I could get home. I should thank again Kelly, Cesar and all the crew who took care of me and my unlucky personality there.

My last adventure was this month, on my way to Liberty White I missed the flight due to a car accident.

I must thank Matthew as well for helping me buy the new ticket.

I’m planning to write a book about all my travel adventures called “the life of one unlucky person”. Lol


7)BTS: For me one of your best songs is “Dilema”, actually the entire EP “Anotherbody” . In what situation did you find yourself when you made this track?

N: First I must say I have something bipolar in my personality. I can change mood more often than a baby changes diapers.

Every time I’m angry there’s a voice whispering that it’s for a good reason and I don´t need to hurt anyone and then the opposite, when I’m happy the other voice is whispering that sometimes I can be a jerk.

My gods and devils make me face the dilemma of which of the two I should listen to.


8)BTS: What do you think should not be a “dilemma” for an artist?

N: No artist should have the dilemma of whether to express themselves when they have to and when inspiration is kicking out of nowhere.


9)BTS: What could you say to those who have not listened to your music yet?

N: I have to say that Hardtechno might be a washing machine, but mine is one made of unicorns to wash away your bad mood, “aggressive” music served with joy!


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  Nøbody is the alter ego of Patrik Georgiev, who is currently the most active hardtechno artist in the Bulgarian scene. The first hardtechno track by Nøbody, 'Illusionisto', was released in 2010 on Gamma-Core Records, in a compilation called 'Made in Bulgaria'. In addition to his particular exquisite technique, a fundamental characteristic...