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Miss Insan´A was born in France, but she is french-german. Her debut was in 2008, playing Hard Trance and Hardtechno. From there on, a lot of good things have happened in her career as a djane.

Nowadays Miss Insan´A plays Techno, Dark Techno and Hardtechno, focusing more on the harder styles. Her hardtechno sound is characterized by mixing old school with new school styles, tinged with a careful technique and a judiciously selected tracklist.

It is especially relevant to say that at this moment she is working intensely on improving her technique and playing on 3 decks. In addition, Miss Insan´A starts producing her own tracks giving special importance to the “fat” basses and progressive melodies.

Miss Insan´A is the only hardtechno Djane from France who performs regularly in Europe and in other parts of the World.

In the near future, hardtechno lovers in Colombia will have the chance to enjoy dancing to her sound, as she will be playing at an event there.


1)BTS: I read in your biography that you were attracted to electronic and classical music from a very young age . What kind of contact did you have with classical music?

M.I: I played the piano for a long time, during 14-15 years. It was not easy to adapt to classical music, especially because when we are very young, we want to listen to every style except classical.

But I have learned a lot, I love to learn and I do not regret anything. Since then, I enjoy the mix between electronic and classical music -which I try to integrate in my sets- and more on the harder styles, because it’s a really good contrast.


2)BTS: I understand that for some time you were dedicated to other genres of electronic music, but what made you become interested in the hardtechno genre?

M.I: I always loved the harder styles in all kinds of music. When I was 10-11 I discovered the beginning of Trance, Rave & Techno, and I was always intrigued, I desired electronic music.

I grew up with Hard Trance and after that went straight to HardTechno. I think my German influence played an important part, because I grew up between France and Germany, and my first parties were at German clubs.

I have a special feeling with HardTechno, it’s spiritual, it’s physical, I love to play it so I can let go of my feelings. It’s a harder style, but it makes it much easier to express myself.

In all my Techno sets you can find the Hardtechno influence, they have to be banging ! As well as in all my Hardtechno sets you can feel the melodic influence, thanks to what I learned in the past.


3)BTS: Which do you think is your strong suit as a Djane?

M.I: I always go forward in this job, working on improvements, trying new, so I think I am a good Djane.

My strong suit as a Djane is that I am able to capture the public’s attention with my sound and lead them on a short trip into my Insane World! I think we have to fight all our lives for what we want, for what we love and what I want is to share my love, my passion. I´ve made a personal choice for my life: Music.

My ambition, my obsession with music, my easy contact with people,  giving myself new challenges; thats important for being a good Dj and I will never give up on Music!

There are always new things to learn, and I am looking forward to that, to making people dance, dream and escape from their sadness for a little while.


4)BTS: In BTS we have shown special support to women. What role do you think a Djane plays in the hardtechno scene?

M.I: I think the mix of women and hardtechno is charming, sensuality with hard beats, it is just positive. Each person is unique, so each one can contribute in different way, so why not women in this area?

I ´ve noticed there are still more men than women but maybe that’s a positive point that could make us prosper. We lead our way with work and passion, and we are very good at it!


5)BTS: You were immersed in the world of the arts from an early age. How do you define an artist?

M.I: For me, a true Artist must be a “passionate”, an “interested” person and a little bit “INSANE”. As an artist you are aware of the world from a really early age and amazed by it.

You have a lot of questions in your head and in your heart, you try to find the proper answers, because you do not always understand or agree with the different aspects of it. You often feel left aside and don’t understand why people don’t understand you.

So, you make your own world where you can release all your positive energy . Finally, you want to share it through painting, photographs, writing, sculptures, dancing and for sure music.

Art is a world to feel good at, to forget about your daily and personal problems for a moment, to discover something new, to open up your mind, to be receptive and to find inspiration.

There is not only ONE world! Like I say, a true artist is a soul Doctor, they have to touch your soul, your memories and all your senses.


6)BTS: And, how do you define a techno artist?

M.I: A good techno/ hardtechno artist must be a true artist. We must bring the listeners, the clubbers, the ravers into our world.

I am aware that different things influence the raver while is in a party, so we can play with the party goers’ state to make them dream.

We must touch the audience deeply with our music, with our presence.


7)BTS: During your career you have had a remarkable participation in radio shows, moreover you have made your way through several stages and been in contact with different audiences.

Can you tell me your favorite moment during a session in front of the public and one during a set while you are recording on your own?

M.I: I always prefer playing in front of a public! It’s also important for Djs to smile sometimes. I am often stressed as if it were my first time playing, but that´s positive stress, because I want to do my best and I want to be better every time.

When the first track starts I enter my world and the best thing that happens is seeing the people dancing, raving and enjoying my sound, it’s simply amazing, a magical moment for them and for me.

At the end, the applause, compliments and thanks are the best gift for a Dj.

As regards the radio shows, they are good training and are taking a more and more important place in our electronic – digital – virtual world.

That way I can show what I am able to do all over the world, at the same time I have the possibility to make new contacts.


8)BTS: As far as I know, you have performed in The Cape Verdean Islands. When was that exactly and what style did you play?

M.I: I´ve played there twice. The first time was during the famous Carnival of Saint Vincent in March 2014 and the other time at the biggest electronic festival “Tendra Electronica” in front of a huge public, in August 2014.

I played mostly Techno with a sunny – tropical influence, I just couldn´t go there for the first time and play hardtechno, people don´t know this style there.


9)BTS: What can you say about that experience?

M.I: I had to adapt to the culture of the people there, and show them ours. It was a great experience, and people were very glad to discover a new style of music.

A part of Capverdians here in Europe (Luxembourg & Portugal for example) enjoy techno and hardtechno, they grew up with it, so maybe we could think of a project so as to show The Cape Verdean Islands what they listen to here, and try to play it in a private party in front of a specific public.

But it would be hardtechno like that of Fatima Hajji, Fernanda Martins or Pet Duo, for example. Why not?


10)BTS: Tell me a positive point that you think characterizes the techno/ hardtechno European scene.

M.I: The most positive point that I see, is that techno and hardtechno are booming again, and both styles are working really well together, for me you cannot have one without the other.

If you look at big techno Djs like Torsten Kanzler, Sven Wittekind, The Advent and others, they started with hardtechno and now are making real fat banging Techno!

Hardtechno had been set aside for some years, techno was changing and hardtechno came back bit by bit.

I never gave up on hardtechno and I am really enjoying that hardtechno is again on a positive upswing in Europe!

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Miss Insan´A was born in France, but she is french-german. Her debut was in 2008, playing Hard Trance and Hardtechno. From there on, a lot of good things have happened in her career as a djane. Nowadays Miss Insan´A plays Techno, Dark Techno and Hardtechno, focusing more on the harder...